Since 1999, there are been approximately 1620 incidents in houses of worship in the United States, where almost 800 people have been killed.  That needs to stop now.  Today I am introducing you to #PraySafe, a comprehensive program, taught by myself and the deputies in our office for the purpose of being proactive instead of reactive in keeping our community safe. #Praysafe will be segmented into two areas of contact.  The first being "PraySafe 1", a group meeting of church pastors and leaders which we will hold in the next few weeks.  The second is "PraySafe 2", personalized training at each house of worship that would like training beyond the group meeting.  

Topics of discussion include: Active Shooter/Action Plan, Interview/ID & Engage, Security Survey of the Building, 30.06/30.07 (conceal/open carry/LTC), Awareness, Cover & Concealment, Security Team Building (armed and unarmed), and lots more. 

PraySafe 1 will be held on Wednesday, Jan. 10th at the East Montgomery County Improvement District - 21575 Highway 59, #200, New Caney, TX 77357.  PraySafe 1 is a prerequisite for PraySafe 2.  Please register below and an email will be sent to you regarding the event.


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