A Security Survey is an assessment of your property to see if it meets with the crime prevention standards promoted by law enforcement for the protection of your property against crime. The service is free of charge and provided to residents or business owners within the area of coverage by Pct. 4 Constable.  Using Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design principles in conjunction with basic security standards gives you an opportunity to see where your property could be enhanced.  Please fill out the form below and we will contact you to schedule your free security survey.  

Once the survey is completed, the evaluators create a concise report. You will receive this report via standard U.S. mail or email. Please feel free to contact the Professional Standards Division at 281.577.8446 if you have any questions or comments after you receive the report.  You may provide this report to your homeowners insurance company for a possible reduction in premiums for residential buildings.  It will be up to your insurance company to provide a reduction in premiums. 

Note: For commercial security surveys, the onsite visit can last more than an hour (or more) depending on the property. Also, the report will not be ready for up to two weeks (or more) due to the complexity of the report.

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